Monday, July 6, 2015

A Game To Cap Off The Week

Yep, I went to another SI Yankees game yesterday.

I decided to stay home on Independence Day because going to NYC on that day is a fool's errand. I'm not sure how the turnout was on July 4th, but I was expecting the day after to have a lot less people.

And I was right.

Regardless, it was still a beautiful day for some afternoon baseball and it was an enjoyable game.
As always I'll start with the autographs but before I start I'd like to say something I've been neglecting/downright forgetting to do for three posts. For my customs a lot of the photographs were taken by Robert Pimpsner, the man who covers the SI Yankees for Pinstriped Prospects. I got his green light to use these photographs for these customs. The non-Pimpsner pictures where pictures I took myself with my iPhone, hence why they suck compared to the ones that Pimpsner the pro took. Thanks again Robert!

My first autograph this day was from Hudson Valley Renegades (the opposing team) catcher Taylor Hawkins.

I originally wanted to get a couple more Renegades but because they didn't appear to come out I decided to go over to the Yankees side. Those of you who saw the ticket above might've noticed that it was signed. Yep, I got this ticket signed by Cody Hamlin, who was just promoted to Staten Island a few days ago. I've yet to create a custom for him but just in case he's sent down (or up) before I have a chance, I got this.

Next I got this autograph from Griffin Gordon.
Gordon and I had a brief chat about some of the Staten Island Yankees hats that had the American flag designed on them.

After Gordon I managed to get one more autograph before the game started, from reliever Mark Seyler. A lot of the relievers this team are going the extra mile in terms of preparation. I've seen Seyler, Roeder and a few other guys run out to the field before the game to prepare well before anybody else.

It was after the game that I really got most of my IP auto haul on this day. First up was Josh Roeder. I managed to snag an autograph from his as he was returning from the bullpen to the dugout. I was kind of surprised since I saw Roeder already pitch in the game but I guess he left something behind. On a side note, I saw him boarding the SI ferry after the game as well.

My first post-game autograph in the garage was from Domingo Acevedo. His velocity continues to reach 100 mph and he's improving with every outing. It won't be long before Domingo ACEvedo becomes a thing.

I've been to enough SI Yankees games now to know that when Acevedo exits the stadium, De Oleo isn't too far behind. I managed to get him after Domingo on, IMO, a custom with a pretty nice play at the plate (sort of) shot.

A little afterwards I managed to get Kevin James Alexander. He follows JR Murphy in the grand tradition of the organization shortening his first two names to two letters for the sake of convenience.

Next I got Junior Valera. Like ACEvedo and De Oleo I already got an auto from Valera back on Opening Day, but this time I got one on an custom that actually depicted him as an SI Yankee.

After that I managed to, by good fortune, get another Renegade/Ray I was looking for, Roel Ramirez.
This was one of the times where the card showing the player posing with his face clearly visible came in handy.

And my last autograph was courtesy of Ethan Carnes. I got to meet Carnes last year and he actually remembered me as the guy who made his own cards for everybody. He's a super cool dude who takes the time to talk to kids whenever he's sitting in the bullpen (although this year he's being stretched out as a starter), and even took the time to write a bible verse on my card. BTW, he recently did a brief but good interview for the Staten Island Advance.

So with the autographs out of the way, here's everything else.

The SI Yanks finally won a game I went to and stayed every inning. The Renegades tried making things interesting later on but the Yankees hung on and won 3-2.

The Yankees farm system boasts a host of guys named Luis. On this day Luis Cedeno was the starting pitcher. I'd love to see a day where Luis Torrens catches Luis Severino and Luis Cedeno on two consecutive days.

Oh and the starting pitcher for the Hudson Valley Renegades (who're the Rays' NYPL affiliate BTW) was Travis Ott. I actually got Travis Ott's autograph last year when he was a member of a Auburn Doubledays. He was traded to the Rays in the three team Wil Myers trade in the offseason and he's back in the NYPL this year. He got hit with a come backer but stayed in (most of) the game.

I can't quite put this into a picture but I've been to enough games this season that a handful of players have gotten to know me or at least recognize me. They include Thairo Estrada, Travis Hissong, Yoel Espinal, and I'm pretty sure a few other folks. Maybe I should to stop going to two games every series and just attend one. NAH!

Other than that the only noteworthy thing that happened was that I used up all of my data and all of my data overage on my phone. Meaning I can't use it again unless I'm connected to Wifi or my current period ends. I shudder to think of what the bill is going to be later this month.

Anyway that was my latest trip to Staten Island.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

2015 IP Auto Count: 49


  1. I like the Acevedo a lot. Nice pickups.

    1. He's definitely a prospect and guy to keep an eye on going forward. Reminds some of your boy Big Mike.

  2. I got Ethan Carnes in the mail. Super cool guy!

    1. That he is. The kind of you guy you really want to see succeed and make it.

  3. I'm pretty much retired from doing anything on the 4th of July that involves a major metro area. It is just too much work.

    That is cool that the players are starting to recognize you. Maybe they will hook you up with some game used stuff down the road!

    1. Maybe. Although I'd hate for the players to think that that's my main motivation.