Wednesday, June 29, 2016

10 For 10

I've really tried to limit my spending on baseball cards and baseball related things in generally in recent times. I've got bills to pay.

But for some things, I need to say YOLO (don't judge me) and get them. Right then and there. Although if I can be real for a second, I managed to get a slight discount thanks to the seller accepting my best offer.

That my friends is my latest Luis Torrens acquisition. A 1/1 at that.

According to the back this is the Megenta Printing Plate from 2014 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects.

But what the back doesn't tell you is that this plate was used to make the paper Luis Torrens cards in 2014 BDP&P. Want to know how I know?

If you look at the upper left hand corner the logo is just the normal Bowman brand logo and not the Bowman Chrome logo which has the word Chrome underneath the baseball with a B.

For comparison's sake here's the black printing plate used for the chrome Luis Torrens cards in 2014 BDP&P. See how this one is mirrored and uses a different Bowman logo? Also notice how I can actually (sort've) read the name Luis Torrens on the bottom?

Anyway, this is the 10th 1/1 Luis Torrens card to enter my collection (sorry DefGav, I'm limiting that count to official cards from card companies). Here's to at least 10 more in the near future.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).