Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Getting P(-T)WNed (Part VI)

So I got a mailer from P-Town Tom the other day. That can only mean one thing. Goodies!

PTT and I get along quite well due to how we tend to focus on similar players and aspects of our favorite baseball organizations (prospects and young major leaguers). Of course PTT's Cubbies are homegrown AND on the rise so he has a reason to watch major league baseball again. Meanwhile I have to stow away in the minors hoping they push the veterans out of the clubhouse (sans A-Rod).

Anyway PTT's packages are always a delight. He's sent me Wampas, T205's, tons of LUIIIISSSSSSSSSSSes and now he's sent me something really special.

Like this Jorge Mateo card from 2015 Leaf Ultimate Draft.

It's my first certified Mateo autograph and this means I've finally completed the trifecta of IP, TTM and certified. And yes I said that the IP auto was a signature a friend of mine got for me and that it wouldn't count, but it counts now.

Woof, what a sight! The fact that all of these signatures are written in different colors makes it even better IMO.

Of course PTT's goodies didn't stop there.

Jeff Degano's been MIA for most of the year so the suspicion many have (including myself) is that he's either hurt or he's being held back for another year at Staten Island before being called up to Charleston. If he does come back to SI, at least I'm ready.

Kyle Holder was described as a poor man's Brendan Ryan. Well this year he's had hit streaks that spanned across multiple games. He's out to prove the world wrong!

Pro Debuts! It's hard to see via scans but there's a cool matte finish over the silhouettes of the players on the card. It becomes easier to see when you hold the card up to a light and see the player reflect light while the rest of the card behind the figure doesn't.

Also, the Domingo Acevedo card totally used the same photo used for the Staten Island Yankees team set.

Ooh, manufactured Kei Igawa relic! Numbered to 50 at that! No joke, I think this is like the 2nd Yankees-era Igawa card I own. My lack of Igawas are astounding!

Finally near the end was this five card pack of Onyx Authenticated promo cards. These were basically ads for Onyx's Platinum National Edition product. I was going to do a pack war but I didn't want to spend money at big box mart so I'll just show them straightforward.

Bradley Zimmer, brother of Royals prospect Kyle Zimmer. Currently a top tier outfield prospect for the Indians.

Rafael Devers, currently a really good third base prospect for the Red Sox. Like, really good.

Derek Fisher, another good outfield prospect, this time for Houston.

Luis Severino. Struggled mightily in the early going of 2016. Currently in triple-A trying to regain his composure and shake off the sophomore slump.

Greg Bird. Out for the entire year with an injury, ever since then every first baseman has gotten hurt and leads me to think the position is cursed (#CurseOfLouGehrig!).

See, these cards are advertisements!

And that was my package from PTT. He got me good. Luckily I've gathered a big enough pile of Cubbies to send his way. Expect a Zapping soon PTT :)! Thanks for the cards too.

And as always thank you (the readers) for stopping by :).

Take care.


  1. Woof. That Mateo is really cool. His signature is so inconsistent. There's a lot of variation between your three.

    The Severino and Bird Onyx are cool. PTT also sent me a pack of those, but wasn't sure if they were all the same or there was different cards (I got the same cards, so much all be the same).

    I like the lighter blue on the '16 Pro Debut cards. It looks nice.

    1. From what I've been told Mateo has been paid to write thousands upon thousands of autographs for various companies. Including a bunch of exclusives for Topps. So it doesn't surprise me that his signature is evolving and getting smaller.

  2. I love seeing how signatures evolve as the player becomes more known. I'm guessing Mateo will stick with the Leaf Draft version.

    1. That's my guess too. Although the TTM signature is the most recent one.

  3. I love the three differently colored autos on the Mateo cards. Nice trifecta!
    I'm assuming the text above "Yankees" on the Igawa card says, "Yankees" in Japanese. Yes/no?

    1. Thanks PTT.

      As for the Igawa it doesn't say Yankees. It's Igawa's name written in Japanese kanji characters.