Thursday, February 19, 2015

En Fuego

Last year I declared that I wasn't going to make trade posts anymore (twice actually). But this isn't as easy as one would think it is.

On one hand I don't have to spend time blogging about how I got some cards from person x, on the other hand a lot of people I send cards to take time out of their busy lives to blog about the stuff that I send them. On top of that, many customize their trade packages to suit my very weird tastes and collecting habits. Also, I might be a bit of a hypocrite seeing as how I still blog about trades made with international guys not named The Dutch Card Guy.

Now I'm grateful for any card package sent my way. The thought of somebody taking the time to put a bunch of cards into a bubble mailer and then have to deal with their local post office just to send me stuff is touching.
However, sometimes you get a package so mind-blowingly awesome that you can't help but think how much time, thought and money the other person put into that package. And for a guy like me who supposedly doesn't blog about trades, it's hard to go on and not acknowledge the other person's greatness.

Enter defgav from Baseball Card Breakdown. Although he was not involved in my Christmas wave of Zippy Zappings (nothing personal Gav, I just didn't have enough stuff to send you back in December), I accumulated enough cards for him in Japan and he was in my first Zippy Zapping wave here in 2015.

In return he sent me this purple On-Fire die cut auto from 2014 Leaf Valiant.

It's numbered 17/25 and leaves me two pieces away from a plate-less rainbow. The yellow numbered to 10 (WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE THE YELLOW ONES NUMBERED TO 10?!) and the 1/1.

In addition to the purple LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS, he sent along a bunch of A-Rods I didn't have, some prospects and a bunch of retail parallels.

Alright, I can't budge on my no trade post rule, so here's another Torrenator I picked up recently to balance it out.
This is a orange ice parallel and its numbered 14 of 25. Now all I need is a regular silver ice and the 1/1 white ice and I'll have all five Torrenators ices.

Anyway thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Glad you like! I had gotten the LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS for you back around Christmas, but then Matt had to go drop the /5 version on you, so I had to save it a couple months so it wouldn't be too overshadowed. haha

    Coincidentally, I just today received the orange ice Gavin LaValley in the mail.. we're really going toe-to-toe with our rainbow quests!

    1. Nah I'm sure it wouldn't have been overshadowed. Every Luis Torrens that enters my home is treated with the same amount of respect and love.

      And I'm pretty sure you're ahead of me in the rainbow quest. Luis' cards don't seem to be popping up at all.

  2. The rainbow of the On Fire cards would look awesome. We must find the others!

    1. I've kept an eye out for it but the red 1/1 has yet to pop up. And what's this we business? You guys have done enough ;).

  3. This reminds me I still have that orange fire Torrens to send you. Sorry I'm such a slacker.

    I like the orange ice a lot. Pretty card!

    Also, that blog-used button is hilarious.

    1. Nah don't worry about. Gives me to time to arrange a place in my PC for it.