Friday, January 1, 2016

Unmet Goals (& New Ones)

Well another year has come and gone. Happy New Year every body. We're all one year closer to death!

Now, as per tradition, I thought I'd revisit my 2015 collecting goals and see if I managed to even come close at accomplishing them.

5. Less Purchases

My original definition of "less purchases" was pretty vague and nonspecific. In my original post I just went on a tangent about retail. Well this year I did purchase a handful of retail stuff. Two blasters, a Update megabox, 2 hanger boxes, 4 rack packs and a couple of loose packs. Which roughly comes out to anywhere between $100-$150. Not bad, but not great.
I guess it's a positive that I didn't buy any hobby or jumbo boxes this year (though I wanted to). Scratch that, I bought two hobby boxes this year. One for a Clone Break, another for something even more special. Ultimately I picked up way too much stuff on eBay and COMC, so yeah, consider this an F.

Grade: F

4. 20 IP Autos

To my own surprise I got a whopping 136 autographs in person this year. That may not seem much to autograph hounds to ask for a dozen signatures at a time but I got that many by asking players for autographs one signature at a time (for the most part). There were a ton of notables that are important pieces of my collection, but the most notable was probably my signed Thairo Estrada superfractor. Which is a superfractor autograph now by default :). My Mashi Murakami auto comes close!

Grade: A

3. 250 TTMs

For a brief moment in time I thought I had a real legitimate chance to reach this goal. I sent out roughly 399 requests in 2015. Of which I got back 240. Which isn't bad I guess, I mean it's more than half :).
Ultimately I came close (only needed 10 more), but no cigar.

Grade: F

2. Pick Up A New "Oldest Card In My Collection"

I toyed with the idea of adding an even older Highlanders card than my 1909-11 T206es but the price tags scarred me away real quick.

Grade: F

1. Focus & Stay On A Budget

Basically I wanted to see if I could spend less than $500 for the entire year on cards, stamps, letters, entrance fees for card shows, tickets to MiLB games and transportation to get to MiLB games. Basically everything. Well by mid-May I knew that this goal was thrown out the window. I spent nearly half that amount on stamps alone. And my purchases in Staten Island basically obliterated my "cap" and then some.

Grade: F-

In addition to these I had a few "maybe projects" mini goals that would've filled out the rest of the unofficial 10 goals.
"*Go for the 1909-11 T206 Highlanders Team Set"

"*Go for the 1909-11 T206 Wee Willie Keeler"

"*Complete the Luis Torrens 2013 Bowman Chrome rainbow"

"*Go see Luis Torrens in Charleston or Tampa"
NOPE (Torrens' injury put a halt to this)

"*Start a cult religion dedicated to Luis Torrens"
NOPE (maybe next year)

"*Make custom #Torrenator or #Torrenatrix or #TorrenNation T-shirts"

Ugh, I suck at keeping new years resolutions :(.

With that and a newfound sense of who I am as a collector, here are 5 new collecting goals for me in 2016.

5. Go for an entire week without buying any cards

Between mid-2011 to sometime in 2014, not a week went by where I didn't purchase a card (either online or in person). It happened quite a bit in 2015. But it's about time that I try and make sure that this happens more often.

4. Go for an entire month without buying any cards

This is more difficult than it sounds for an addict like me. A lot can happen in a span of 28-31 days. As a guy who's trying to build an extensive Luis Torrens collection, I can never be sure when a card I need will pop up. And now that I have a whole host of new side PC guys, this task might be even tougher than before.

3. Go for SIX months without buying any baseball cards

With a few exceptions, the first six months of the year does not offer me much in the way of baseball cards. If I were smart I should be waiting until the winter so that the hype and prices on the Bowman & Bowman Chrome offerings die down.
This is probably extreme and not going to happen, but might as well put it on the list. After all, my "$500 hobby cap" was obliterated before we reached the halfway point of 2015.

2. ONE TTM Return

I know that this is absolutely insane and that this Herculean task will be quite difficult, but I'll do my best to get at least ONE TTM return in 2016.

1. ONE IP Autograph

I'm not sure what'll happen in 2016 so I'll keep the perimeter low for now and set my goal at one IP autograph. Fingers crossed I can accomplish it.

And those are my new collecting goals for 2016. I suppose one more suggestion to myself would be to maybe try a $750 cap for the entire year on every expense this hobby needs (cards, shipping, stamps, etc...)? Consider that an unofficial number 6 goal I guess. If I managed to go through with that no cards for six months goal I may actually have a shot at that.

And those are my new goals for 2016. Some will be met. Others will not be met. Here's to better outcomes than 2015.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Even if you missed the mark, sounds like you made nice progress on your 2015 goals. Good luck in 2016!

  2. I think it was a pretty good year for you. You need to give yourself a little more credit for your ttm success. 240 is impressive!

    1. Thanks.
      And it might be, but I didn't reach my goal and that's a fact.

  3. Damn. I thought I graded tough. 240 out of 250 TTM's = F?

    Best of luck on your 2016 goals!

    1. Well the goal was reaching 250. It was either reaching that number or not reaching that number. I didn't so I deserve an F.

      And thanks Fuji, best of luck on your goals too :).