Saturday, June 25, 2016

Balls x3...

So I went to my third baseball game of the season (second at home in Staten Island) yesterday.

It was the rubber game between last year's NYPL Championship teams, the Staten Island Yankees and the West Virginia Black Bears.

The starter for this game was Drew Finley, who I asked to inscribe my Bowman Chrome card. Maybe I should make this a thing?

Finley wasn't quite at his best but he did get the job done. Last time out Finley was part of a 10 inning no hitter. This time he went 5.2 innings pitched allowing five hits and two runs (both earned). Like the 10 inning no hitter, Josh Roeder came in to relieve Finley and threw the rest of 4.1 innings of the game.

The photograph used for this custom card was taken by Robert M. Pimpsner of RMP Sports Media Inc. and Pinstriped Prospects

I managed to get the Yankees' second rounder in this year's draft, Nick Solak.
All told Solak went 2-4 with a walk and came home in the bottom of the 10th on a wild pitch to win the game for the Yankees (ha! take that BWTP!). He also broke up the no-hitter that the Black Bears had through the first five innings.

Kane Sweeney's an intriguing prospect who has potential with the bat. But in this game's case Sweeney was mainly walking as he walked four times in five at bats. All in due time I suppose.

Now of course I got to see Luis Torrens again. Prior to this game Torrens had not been playing for a few games and according to Torrens' father he was resting his legs as his legs were a bit fatigued after not catching for over a year. But it was still nice to see him.

Bang! I got his autograph on a ball too. The first autograph I've gotten on a ball in like two years.
I prepared two pens and the first one died before Torrens got to write (hence why there are other blue lines on the left side), so my behind was saved by my second pen. This is the first time I had a player sign a game used (or practice used) ball and I love it. I also gave Torrens a program of the 2014 NYPL All Star Game (when he was an All Star) and a spare black paper parallel from 2014 Bowman Draft Asia Edition that I had.

By the time this post goes up the SI Yankees should be on a four game trip to Vermont and Hudson Valley. Torrens may or may not return to Staten Island after this trip. So it was really cool to see Torrens again and get as much stuff signed as I did (although I'm worried I pushed it).

Now those of you who read the title may notice that I alluded to there being three balls. Well, one was the Torrens above. The others?

Well one was this ordinary NYPL ball I found in the stands before the game. Ironically it was how I discovered the other ball that I asked Torrens to sign. Is this a sign that I need to use it to ask another player for his autograph? More likely, it's a sign that it's almost time for a random giveaway.

The other ball was this cool promotional giveaway ball. This was given out by the Staten Island Yankees to the first 2,500 guests in attendance to commemorate 15 years of Staten Island Yankees baseball at Richmond County Savings Bank Ballpark.

Pretty cool stuff. I'm not used to balls but it's a nice change of pace from cards every now and then.

This was another game where I left early due to personal reasons (i.e. a migraine that started to affect me). Plus I can't really stay during these 7 PM night games too long anyway considering my long commute back. It might've been the correct choice because the game went into extra innings (again).

Looking at the box score it was a solid result since the Yankees won in extra innings. Finley was reportedly not at his best but let's hope it's just a slight hiccup. Torrens should be back in the lineup relatively soon. Fingers crossed.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care of your balls (thank goodness nobody reads blogposts on Saturdays).

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  1. Love the Torrens call. Glad to see he was resting and isn't injured.

    The Solak is very cool. Coming from a major program, I'd be surprised if he dkdsbt put up big numbers at SI.

    1. Thanks TLC. He made his return to the field yesterday (as a DH).

      And I'm excited for Solak as well.

  2. The way people fight over foul balls, I can hardly believe that that one was just sitting there - what good fortune!

    1. I've been to enough games where I found around five balls just lying around in the stands, one just given to me by a player and two that came my way (of which I only caught one and promptly gave to a nearby kid). At this point I'm good lol, but they still come to me anyway.