Monday, January 15, 2018

Super Late

In passing I mentioned how I arranged to get a J.T. Miller Young Guns card sent to me. It was in preparation for his signing event at a bar in NYC.

It arrived two weeks after the event had happened.

What happened?

Well first off I bought the card from Canada. I knew that it would then be considered international shipping but I picked this one because it had Free Shipping.

I knew that international items can take time but I made sure to get the item roughly three weeks before the Miller signing event. If I've had packages and letters from foreign countries (with free shipping) reach me in two weeks in the past, so why the heck not? Plus the estimated arrival period was right where I wanted it to be.

I guess I should've known better than to trust the postal delivery service, even if it was late November/early December. The card finally arrived a week and then some after the end of the estimated delivery time period. I kept in contact with the seller who was super nice and helpful, but it ended in the 3rd best case scenario where the card arrived, but it arrived late.

It's a shame because this card would've looked fantastic with a crisp blue sharpie signature on it. I specifically picked this card because A). rookie card and B). the white ice in the back (and Miller's uni) makes it a perfect specimen to contrast with the ink.

Instead I scrambled with what I had and settled for the 2017-18 Upper Deck base card. It's not bad and I still like it but, I can't help but wonder what might've been if the YG had come in time.

So lesson learned. Buy international cards with the Free Shipping option if you're either not in a hurry or if you can afford to think ahead 2-3 months in advance of whatever plans you have for it.

And if you're in a real hurry, go the domestic route and swallow the $3 shipping fee.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. I don't buy too many cards outside of the US or Canada. However, I'm pretty amazed how quickly some packages arrive. I guess I'm trained to think of the worst case scenario which is 3 to 4 weeks.

    1. It's somewhat funny how sometimes a package from Japan can arrive quicker than the package you ordered from the state that's right next to yours.