Thursday, November 9, 2017


A little before Wes' printing plate arrived I got another 1/1 Luis Torrens. One straight from the Topps Vault.

Yes, the Money Grab Blank Back Parallel.

It's been a while since I owned one of these. Last time was back in 2014 when I got a Blank Back of a Hiroki Kuroda card. Back in 2015 I let Torrens' 1/1 Blank Back from Bowman Draft get away (for $6 too), I wasn't going to make that mistake again. Some NYC Estate Tax and a few days later, it was mine.

As per usual, it came with a certificate of authenticity from Topps stating that is is actually what it is.

I snarked at how this is a money grab (like pretty much everybody has), and it is, but I kind of like these blank backs to be honest. They're a fun little oddball that I can at least appreciate. If they weren't straight to eBay releases and more like special items you could pull in regular products I think they'd be a lot more interesting. Or possibly a lot more irritating depending on where you stand with redemptions.

Wes' printing plate and this blank back bring my total number of Torrens cards above 100 and the total number of Torrens 1/1's I have to 14.

Meanwhile this Black parallel came in recently too. Out of the all of the parallels I've seen so far, I like this one the most. Mainly because it's distinct enough for me to tell where the black parallely parts begin and end.

It's numbered 03/66 and actually came to me from Brent and Becca, one of the biggest card sellers on eBay. Sometimes I think they have the best and most envious job in the world, and then I remember how bad my thumbs hurt after a spending a few hours at a dime box and go back to just thinking they've done a remarkable job carving a living for themselves using cards.

So yeah, after the craziness has settled down, I only need four more 1/1's (great :P), and about eight-ish parallels on top of that for the master Update Rainbow.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. I'm surprised the 1/1's haven't popped up yet. Usually at least one will pop up during the first two weeks after release. Congrats on the blank back and black parallel.

    1. That's true, but after looking at the Torrens market for a while it wouldn't surprise me to see the 1/1's pop up at random times throughout the upcoming months and years.

  2. These always confuse me a bit, buy hey, another 1/1!

  3. I'm still a step behind everyone else when it comes to these Topps Vault cards. I know that I've seen player contracts sold on eBay and on their website. Just curious. Are most of their blank backs sold through their website? Or are the bulk sold on eBay?

    1. P.S. Congratulations on adding the 2nd Torrens 1/1 rookie card to your collection.

    2. I'm pretty sure their blank backs and contracts are sold on eBay and not the official site. And thanks :).

      BTW, I got your package today thanks a ton!