Saturday, September 13, 2014

Super (Lucky)

So I obtained one card.


That's right, I bought the non-autographed version of Luis Torrens' superfractor from 2013 Bowman Chrome. Considering how I appear to have started a Torrens super collection I knew that if I let this card slip it would haunt me forever.


Now shortly after I purchased this superfractor, I lit up and started having deep(-ish?) thoughts. Mainly how I've been so lucky/fortunate/blessed(?).
The fact that I'm in a financially stable position where I can spend money on baseball cards itself is something I need to be more grateful for. I mean right now the economy is pretty bad and lots and lots of people are struggling to provide food and shelter for their families, and then there are the third world countries where life is even worse. And yet here I am spending vast amounts of money on pictures of men like it's my birthright.
I should also probably express gratitude to my (now former) job for giving a lazy bum like me a considerable amount of hours and quite a lot of overtime money. Or at least just enough pay so that I can actually buy these pricey cards and trips to SI.

Now looking through the perspective of a collector, not only do I consider myself fortunate to have had the funds to obtain these cards, but the fact that I was able to come across both the super and red kind of blows my mind.
As of this post I currently have both the superfractor and a red refractor of Luis Torrens, both are considered to be the hardest pieces to obtain in any Chrome rainbow, and yet here they are in my collection. I've seen dozens of collectors have rainbows come to complete stops because they were never able to acquire these last two pieces.
Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that since Torrens was in 2013 Bowman Chrome and not Bowman or Bowman Draft, I don't have to go after any paper Bowman cards. YEAH!

BTW, this is the SECOND superfractor I've ever owned (and my NINTH 1/1 card overall). My first was a super of a Red Sock (of course), Ryan Pressly that I pulled myself in 2011 (I traded it away in 2012).

Now from the perspective of a fan I've also been blessed. I mean how many fans can claim to have met their favorite player in person? I know thousands of people consider Derek Jeter to be their favorite player, but I wonder what percentage of Jeter's fan base has actually had the opportunity to meet him in person, exchange fist pumps (or awkward handshakes) and have a conversation with him. I got to meet Luis quite a fair number of times in 2014 and although he's likely to forget all about me by 2015, I'll never forget how willing he was to put up with this insane fanboy.

Anyway apologies for making no sense and bantering throughout this whole post. I just wanted to express how grateful I am to be able to have such a great hobby and life(?). Although whether or not I expressed it properly is up to interpretation (I failed didn't I?). Also I really wanted to show off my new superfractor.

Now the only question (other than will I go for the rest of the rainbow, minus the plates, which is a definite YES) is, how the hell am I going to store this super?

Like this?

Now THIS is a glove box ;)

Ah screw it, I'll decide later.

As always thanks for stopping by and reading all of this Mary Jane-inspired text.
Take care ya'll :).


  1. I am against the throw it in the box storage method... also not a fan of putting it with the batting gloves.... if you are looking to super collect get the display i used for my Oliberto collection

    1. Lol, don't worry. It'll be with the gloves until I accumulate more pieces of the rainbow.
      And I did think about getting a case like yours, but I prefer things to be compact (hence why I use a 2x2 2 ring binder and not a normal 3x3 3 ring binder) and I just don't have the room for one.

  2. Fantastic pickup, and great perspective on collecting.

    Congrats, Zippy!

  3. You hit the nail on the head. It is easy to take for granted being able to spend money on a hobby.

    That 1/1 is sweet. Maybe put it in an Ultro Pro Magnetic and buy a stand for it. Make a nice piece to put on a shelf.

    1. Thanks Matt :).

      I'm not a fan of having cards on stands TBH. I'd rather have this be a part of something bigger than stand on it's own (see what I did there?...yeah sorry).

  4. Congrats on being able to track down (and purchase) the red and the super. I don't know many who have been able to tackle such a feat.

    However you store it, be sure it's accessible. A card like that needs to be doted upon!

    1. Well now the challenge will be if I can get the canary/yellow refractors numbered to 10. Ugh.

      And thanks :).