Tuesday, September 2, 2014

So It Ends....

So the Staten Island Yankees season came to an end the other day on 9/1/2014. I managed to get myself a ticket for a season finale that was surprisingly pretty empty (I think barely half of the stadium was filled) but still enjoyable nonetheless.

As always lets jump in with the autographs.

The first one I got was of Sean Carley, the starting pitcher for the SI Yanks on their last game of the 2014 season. Even though the last time I got to see/talk to him was in mid July he still remembered who I was and even asked where I've been. Naturally he had his serious business face on before the game but he was happy to sign for me regardless. Unfortunately the game didn't go smoothly for Carley as he allowed one unearned run and was pulled after 3 innings. Poor guy.

And of course Carley's battery-mate was blog hero Luis Torrens. Thanks to COMC I'd managed to obtain some more cards of LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS and had him sign three of them while giving him some extras and a SIY team set as a thank you present. These cards weren't the only thing Luis signed for me though. Oh and Luis went 1-2 with a single and a walk. BEAST!

The scanner ate the right side of my custom!

One of the few customs I still had waiting to be signed was of the manager Mario Garza. For some reason Garza was omitted from the team set but I made sure not to forget him in my customs set. When it comes to MiLB managers and coaches, it's best to get their autographs as quickly as possible. One season they might managing your local low-A team, the next season they're the third base coach for the double-A team in another state.

After the game ended I waited out back in the garage for one more player I wanted to get an autograph of, Sam Agnew-Wieland. Sam was with the Staten Island Yankees back in 2013 and for some reason in 2014. He's probably bound for Charleston next year and I wanted to say one last good-bye. I also managed to catch a few other guys like Matt Wotherspoon and Renzo Martini after the game too, although I didn't ask for their autographs.
So if I wasn't looking to obtain more autographs of the Baby Bombers, why was I waiting out back?

Well you see prior to the game I asked Luis if I could have his batting gloves after the game. Now I normally I don't ask players for their stuff but I decided to just take a chance and ask. I was expecting him to say no but instead he said yes. And sure enough Luis kept his word...

Look at those magnificent things. This is the first piece of game used memorabilia in my collection and I'm still trembling with excitement. I mean the fact that Luis said yes to my selfish request still hasn't sunk in yet, let alone how I actually have these babies in hand.

But Luis's awesomeosity didn't stop there, he also gave me this.

Yes, that is a genuine bat made for Luis Torrens. I was speechless when he gave this to me. So speechless that I only asked him to sign the gloves. Well okay, I didn't have him sign the bat because the bus was about take off and I didn't want to delay Luis or the other players wanting to go home any longer. To thank Luis I gave him a Staten Island Yankees team set and a special SI Yankee hat that was custom made for the fourth of July. I'm pretty sure he already had one hat like it, but I figured I'd get him something.

With this, Luis has pretty much become my number 1 favorite player of all time. No question.

So with the insanely awesome out of the way, let me just quickly jot down the rest of the notables.
*The Staten Island Yankees lost to the Brooklyn Cyclones 1-3. The Yankees came into the game looking to spoil Brooklyn's chances of making it to the playoffs and even the score with their crosstown rivals. Unfortunately they failed at keeping the Cyclones down but it didn't really matter as the Connecticut Tigers (the other team competing for the wild card) won against the Lowell Spinners and the Cyclones season ended anyway. HAHA.

*The SI Yankees gave away free ice cream bowls to the first 2,500 fans in attendance. I doubt that 2,500 people actually came to the park but hey, I'm always down for free Yankees themed dinnerware. BTW, the Yankees were also serving free ice cream to expecting mothers. A lot of couples in attendance were joking around with getting the girlfriend in the relationships pregnant on purpose for free ice cream.

*The crowd waiting in the garage after the game consisted mainly of Brooklyn Cyclones fans. And good grief, those Brooklyn baseball fans obnoxious.

*Even though Luis gave me his batting gloves, he never used them during the game. In fact he went bare-handed every time he stepped up to the plate. I'd like to say he was preserving them for me but the more likely reason is that Luis knows guy rule number 4. REAL MEN DON'T USE BATTING GLOVES.

I'm working on a post where I review the Staten Island Yankees season as a whole but in the meantime, this marked the last Staten Island Yankee game of 2014 and pretty much the end of my summer too.
Huge thanks to all of the wonderful players I got to meet and speak to this season (Yankees org or otherwise) and the wonderful people I got to meet along the way too.

And as always thank you the readers for stopping by to read these "look at these autographs I got" posts. It means a lot to me.
And of course, take care :).

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  1. You'd better keep Topps and Panini away from those gloves and that bat or else you know where they'll end up!

    1. LMAO, if they come anywhere near me I'll smash their head in with the bat.

  2. So amazing, and love hearing that Torrens is such a cool guy. I wonder if he used the left handed batting glove when he was catching in the field? Even if some players don't wear them while batting, most wear one under their glove for extra padding, especially catchers.

    Have you given any thought as to how you'll display them?

    1. I'm not entirely sure whether or not Luis used the left glove, although I wouldn't be surprised if he did use it.

      And as of this moment, no. But I'll probably store the bat in a container and come up with a way to put the gloves into my binder with my prized cards.

    2. Cool! I just emailed you a link to a display case I found, which could be a cool option as well.